I created this multiplication pack for third grade. Check out some pictures below. It is available for $3.25 for a limited time only!

Be sure to follow me for other third grade products throughout the year and check out my teacherspayteachers store!
Phew! This year is off to a busy busy start!!
We recently taught rounding and some of my kiddos had a hard time. I am always looking for extra practice for them to master the skill, so I created this third grade rounding pack.

Here's a preview! It's available for only $2.75 for a limited time at my teacherspayteachers store.

With this purchase you get 48 rounding task cards, 24 I have who has game cards, 12 rounding challenge cards, 3 rounding assessment pages, 2 rounding coloring pages, and a bonus::: rounding pages from my 3rd grade math interactive book.
Check out the preview on teacherspayteachers!

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Want to use a 3rd grade math interactive notebook but can't spend a lot of time cutting out and folding complicated pages with your students? This notebook requires very minimal cutting and gluing and is available for $5.00 on teacherspayteachers. You can download a 25 page preview there as well! Here are just a few images to give you an idea of what you'll get.

You can get it HERE! This product includes a separate file of images (like the ones above) showing you how you can set up the pages of the math notebook with your class.
Back to School! Here are some pictures I took of my room before Open House!

Have a great year everyone!

Today I linked up with Blog Hoppin' to show my classroom digs! Who doesn't love to look at pictures of other classrooms? Here are some of my latest...

As always, check out my teacherspayteachers store and follow me for more third grade products throughout the year.
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