Class Monthly Newsletter **Editable**

One thing I don't like about newsletters I have found online is that they are not editable. So I decided to make a newsletter for teacherspayteachers that is based in powerpoint. It is really easy to edit--all you have to do is insert a text box! What's even better? It's FREE!! :)
Here is a preview of some of the months...

As the directions say, you may have an issue with the font I used appearing. The solution is really simple--all you need to do is download that font! The directions and the link to download it are found in the file. So go download it and use it in your class this year!! Thanks to for the graphics I used in the newsletter, and of course, for the cute font!
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  1. These are adorable. Thank you!

  2. Love your design. Very cute! Thank you :)


  3. When I download the newsletter as a Powerpoint file, it says Read Only so I am unable to edit.

    1. You may need to click enable editing. Also, make sure you extract the file and save it to your own computer. Then open it.

  4. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your newsletters!! I love them!!