Classroom Pics!

Back to School! Here are some pictures I took of my room before Open House!

Have a great year everyone!

More Classroom Pics

Today I linked up with Blog Hoppin' to show my classroom digs! Who doesn't love to look at pictures of other classrooms? Here are some of my latest...

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3rd Grade Back To School Math Review

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Covered in this file:
place value
addition and subtraction
mental math
word problems
greater than, less than, equal to
partitioning into columns and rows
odd or even
repeated addition
4 math review sheets

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First day of School

Today I am linking up with Primary Punch and sharing what I usually do on the first day of school. I love to get ideas from other teachers as my ideas change each year.
This year, since I will likely have most of the same students as last year, my first day will probably be a little different.
I will start the day off welcoming students and parents as they arrive. I will collect supplies from students and show them their cubbies and then they will go to their desks to complete some sort of morning work. (Probably a back to school word search.)
After the morning announcements I will take time to introduce myself to the students. Together we will share about our summers. Then we will go over the classroom rules. (I have four, very simple rules. 1. Respect Yourself and Others. 2. Follow directions the first time. 3. Raise Your Hand and Wait to Speak. 4. Have a GOOD Attitude.) After we go over the rules, we will take the time to discuss each one and why it is important to our classroom community that everyone follows these rules. We will also discuss consequences and rewards.
Next I will likely do a classroom tour, since we are in a new room this year. I will show students around, and go over my expectations, especially with my classroom library. Sadly, it became a HOT MESS last year! I am hoping this year is better!
We will discuss morning procedures and I will demonstrate for students what is expected of them.
For the next few hours I will take time going through materials with my students as well as introducing our new pencil system. See it HERE from The Wise Owl on TPT. It's free! I am really looking forward to implementing it this year! (I am not sure what else I am planning to do during this time period yet...going to plan with my partner teacher for this part.)
We will then go on a school tour, stop to use the bathroom, go to lunch, and immediately after--to specials, then recess! After recess we will discuss afternoon pack up and dismissal procedures. I will give students their assignments for the night (brown paper bags to fill with 5 "All About Me Items" to share) and then we will go home! Throughout the remainder of the week I will randomly call on students to share their all about me bags. I've done this every year and it's been a lot of fun!

I also will begin doing my back to school math review. This is a product I created and have posted on teacherspayteachers. It is a review of math concepts taught in second grade. See it here.

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