Third Grade Math Centers
 Who doesn't want SIMPLE set up math centers for their classroom? These math centers were created with you in mind! The centers involve matching cards with answers to the corresponding problems. A recommended way to set this up is to use file folders. One page can be glued down and cards on the other page are cut up to match. You can also use these centers as memory games as well as interventions.

Check out the preview!

EASY set up math centers covering EVERY third grade common core standard.
49 Centers!

Numbers and Base Ten
Centers 1-4: Rounding
Centers 5-8: Addition and Subtraction
Centers 9-10: Multiples of Ten

Center 11-12: Shapes
Centers 13-14: Parts

Numbers and Fractions:
Center 15: Name the shaded part
Center 16: Fractions on a number line
Center 17: Equivalent Fractions
Center 18: Whole Numbers as Fractions
Center 19: Comparing Fractions

Operations and Algebraic Thinking:
Centers 20-21: Multiplication and Division as Groups
Centers 22-23: Multiplication and Division as Word Problems
Centers 24-25: Missing Number in Multiplication/Division Equations
Centers 26-27: Properties of Multiplication
Centers 28-30: Multiplication/Division Practice
Centers 31-32: Two Step Word Problems
Center 33: Patterns in tables

Measurement and Data:
Center 34: Telling Time to the Minute
Center 35: Elapsed Time
Center 36: Capacity
Center 37: Weight
Center 38: Pictographs
Center 39: Bar graphs
Center 40: Line Plots
Centers 41-49: Area and Perimeter

Here are some pictures of me getting my first centers ready for the beginning of the year.
I love this personal laminator I purchased it this summer! You can get the laminating pouches in bulk on Amazon. It has come in handy so many times already. It's way more convenient than firing up the big laminator at school. Also, the laminating pouches are very thick, so you can put a piece of paper in it, and it comes out feeling sturdy like cardstock.

 Here is Rounding Center Number 1. I cut out all of the game cards so this can be used as a matching game or a memory game. You could also laminate one sheet to a file folder, and just cut out one set of the cards to match. If you do that you can laminate the answer key to the back of a file folder. I decided to cut up my answer key and put it on a ring. Here's a picture of how that turned out.

Please note that not every center includes an answer key. I intended for most of them to be self checking and I plan to put matching stickers or symbols on the back.
I also plan to use my math centers as interventions this year.

For even MORE ideas of all the different ways these centers can be used in your classroom, check out this post! They are very versatile!

These centers go hand in hand with my Guided Math Bundles! (Available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade!) They are a great addition to the lesson plans included with Guided Math.

They also pair really well with my Third Grade Common Core Journal Problems, as well as my Third Grade Math Interactive Notebook. All three products use the same I Can statements.

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3rd Grade Common Core Journal Problems

I can't believe it's already the middle of July! I feel like I just got out of school yesterday! Between professional development, going out of town, and getting my house straight I have been going nonstop! 
I have been working on a new product that pairs perfectly with my Third Grade Math Interactive Notebook.
This product includes over 150 journal prompts and covers every common core standard. These are great to use as a ticket out the door too. I can statements are included. Check out the pictures below.
This is a great way to assess your students on every standard. You can download a 30 page preview of this product at my teachers pay teachers store.

Happy Summer!

Perimeter and Area

Check out my newest product! This Perimeter and Area task card set is a great value. For only $3.00 you get 80 task cards aligned with Common Core Standards 3.MD.5,.6,.7,.8. The task cards are a mixture of pictures and word problems. Check out the pictures below and head to my store for the full preview!

PS Answer Keys are included!

Fractions on a Number Line

I created this product to help my students practice fractions on a number line. I'm selling it for $3.00 at my teacherspayteachers store. You get 48 task cards with your purchase as well as a bonus assessment page. Here is a preview of the product.

Answer Keys are included!

Irregular Plural Nouns Pack

You can get this product at my TPT store for only $3.
You get 58 memory game cards (pictured below)
 24 I have, Who has cards?
 4 Assessment/Practice pages
 4 Creative Writing Challenges
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Common and Proper Nouns

I made this common and proper nouns pack to use as centers or also as practice. Check out some preview pictures below. You can get it at my TPT store for only $3.00.

You get 64 common/proper noun sorting cards.

24 sentence cards that need to be corrected

3 assessment/practice pages
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