Get ready for third grade with these GREAT products!!

Hi teachers! I will be participating in the TPT Back to School Sale on August 4th and 5th! This is the day to get all of your must have products for the new school year! Below are some of my top sellers that will make your third grade year much easier!


3rd Grade Back to School Math Review

This is a great review of math concepts taught in second grade. This is an excellent way to see what your students know, and ease them into math at the beginning of the year.

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Third Grade Common Core Journal Problems for Interactive Math Notebook

This is a MUST HAVE product for the third grade school year. These journal problems can be used in an interactive math notebook (see below) as well as a ticket out the door. You can also use them for standards based scoring. EVERY common core math standard is covered and an I-Can statement is at the top of the page to allow YOU, the teacher, to quickly see which problems cover the standard you are teaching. There are over 150 math problems! Check out the THIRTY PAGE PREVIEW.

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 Third Grade Math Interactive Notebook

This product is another best seller in my store and pairs really well with the journal problems above. After you teach a standard you can use my interactive notebook pages with your students so they can reference back to it all year long. Teachers have told me various ways they have used this notebook--even for interventions. It is a great reference tool and starting place for third grade math standards. I-Can statements on every page! Minimal cutting and coloring for students to save time!

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 Third Grade Rounding Pack

 This product is full of task cards for rounding, I have...Who has... game cards, rounding challenge cards, assessment pages, and coloring sheets. Plus you get bonus rounding page from my math interactive notebook (above).

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Perimeter and Area Task Cards

 This is a math standard that students need a lot of practice with! Included in this pack are 80 perimeter and area task cards at varying degrees of difficulty. Even included are area of an L-shape task cards, with tricky multiple choice answers. These are GREAT test prep for perimeter and area.

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3rd Grade Ultimate Multiplication Pack

Timed drills!! Over 100 task cards! Multiples posters! Assessment pages! Word problems! I have...who cards! ONLY THREE DOLLARS!!!!

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 Fractions on a Number Line Task Cards

Be sure to FOLLOW ME at my teacherspayteachers store for more great third grade products posted throughout the year. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL end of summer, and a 
HAPPY and BLESSED school year!

3rd Grade Common Core Journal Problems

I can't believe it's already the middle of July! I feel like I just got out of school yesterday! Between professional development, going out of town, and getting my house straight I have been going nonstop! 
I have been working on a new product that pairs perfectly with my Third Grade Math Interactive Notebook.
This product includes over 150 journal prompts and covers every common core standard. These are great to use as a ticket out the door too. I can statements are included. Check out the pictures below.
This is a great way to assess your students on every standard. You can download a 30 page preview of this product at my teachers pay teachers store.

Happy Summer!